How To Use BitClout

You more than likely have heard all of the reasons why you need to be on BitClout right now. Maybe you’ve even signed up for a profile, but got lost and gave up on it.

But how does BitClout work and do you know what it takes to set up a BitClout account?

Here are 10 things you need to do first:

1. Visit the website

BitClout ( is different from other social networks in that it is a decentralized website on the blockchain.

Once your account is set up, you will have a page that can be viewed on desktop and mobile, but to date, there is no app on the iOS app store or Android app store.

2. Sign Up on BitClout

Once you get to BitClout, you will be presented with 4 steps: Seed Phase, Seed Phase Confirmation, Phone Number Verification, and Email Verification.

The first step to sign up on BitClout is to copy and paste your 12-word seed phrase into a safe location. Unlike most websites that require a username and password to log in, BitClout just requires this 12-word seed phrase. Unfortunately, most password browser extensions won’t save this information automatically, so it’s essential to store this phrase in a safe location.

The second step to sign up on BitClout is to verify your seed phrase. Just paste the 12-word seed phrase here to click “Next.”

The third step to sign up on BitClout is to verify your phone number. If you choose to Skip this step, you will have to transfer a certain amount of Bitcoin into your account to claim a username. By verifying your phone number here though, you will automatically receive some “Free” Bitclout upon using the social network.

The fourth and final step to sign up on BitClout is to Enter an email address.

Once you have completed the four steps, you will be asked whether you want to Buy Bitclout, Complete your Profile, or Browse the website.

BitClout Signup

3. Update your BitClout profile

BitClout lets you update your BitClout profile automatically if you used a phone number for verification. BitClout does require you to use an image in order to update your profile, so now is the time to upload your profile picture.

In addition to uploading a profile picture, you can set a username (it will tell you if the name has already been registered), set your founder reward (more info here, but most people set it to 10%), and set your description.

If you did not use a phone number for verification, you will need to Buy BitClout first using BitCoin. See Step 4.

(Note: You may also need to own some BitClout in order to change your profile name on the platform even if you have a verified mobile number)

4. Transfer Bitcoin to BitClout

Buying BitClout is often one of the most confusing steps for most people, especially those who have never purchased cryptocurrency before. At the time of writing this, one can not buy BitClout or Bitcoin using USD or any national currency. Also, Bitcoin can only be purchased using Bitcoin at the moment.

We recommend using a cryptocurrency exchange like (note: click the link there or use the referral code ‘s6persakgk’ when signing up to receive $25 for free after your first transaction).

Once you have purchased Bitcoin on either a service like, Coinbase, or Voyager using your credit card or bank transfer, you will need to “withdraw” the Bitcoin and send it to your address on BitClout.

From the Buy BitClout area on your BitClout dashboard, find your Bitcoin wallet address on BitClout. Copy this string of numbers and letters and paste it into your cryptocurrency wallet as the place you’d like to withdraw your Bitcoin to. (note: there usually is a fee from the cryptocurrency exchange in order to send your Bitcoin to another service)

Buy Bitclout

Note: generally has pretty quick transfer rates, but I’ve also tried using Voyager which has taken up to 10 days.

5. Buy BitClout using Bitcoin

Once you have pressed “withdraw” from your Bitcoin wallet on your cryptocurrency exchange, you should see the Bitcoin appear in the “Amount deposited” section which shows you how much BTC (bitcoin) has been deposited along with the USD amount.

Once you have Bitcoin in your BitClout dashboard, you’ll want to go to Step Two to buy your BitClout using Bitcoin as the currency.

Buy Bitclout

Please Note: BitClout does not make it readily available to withdraw BitClout or Bitcoin from the social network right now. They have mentioned they will make this available in the future, but still, this has yet to be implemented.

6. Post your first post

Okay, now that your profile is all set up, it’s time to write up your first post. Whether you want to go the Jack Dorsey route by saying “just setting up my twttr” or something to that nature, or want to write something long and in-depth, just navigate to the “Homepage” to do so.

7. Look to invest in other creators

Now that you have some money to spend on some creators, you can invest in some of the more “blue chip” creators on the “Buy Creator Coins” page. Here you will find creators such as Elon Musk, Naval, Chamath, Mr. Beast, Ariana Grande, Logan Paul, Diamondhands (works for BitClout), Justin Bieber, Jake Udell, Donald Trump, Mark Cuban, Dave Portnoy, and more.

In addition to the “blue-chip” creators, you can also check out some of the names people will mention in our Discord channel.

8. Tell people you’re on BitClout

BitClout is growing in popularity, so we recommend leveraging your existing channels to let people know you are on BitClout.

If you have an email list, you can send out an announcement and tell your readers to follow and “invest” in you.

Also make sure to include links on your website to your social media profiles, including your BitClout!

9. Follow others

BitClout’s search functionality isn’t up to speed yet, so we recommend following us @BitCloutResource and a number of other creators to find out more about the latest updates and news within BitClout.

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10. Get social

Now that you’ve set up your account, learned the basics, and found the right people to follow, now you’re ready to start building a presence for yourself on BitClout.

A key component to building your audience is to engage with the people that follow you. When someone likes or comments on your post, you will receive a notification.

You can respond within comments by clicking on the chat bubble.

If you enjoyed this write-up about how to get started on BitClout, we’d love it if you followed us and invested in our BitCloutResource coin.

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