Some of the biggest names in tech have taken aggressive steps against the rhetoric of President Donald J. Trump and some of his allies. Twitter has permanently suspended his account, Facebook and Instagram have indefinitely banned President Trump, and YouTube has suspended Trump’s channel.

As many republicans look for a voice in social media, many republicans have begun to flock to the new social media service, BitClout.

In order to grow its service, BitClout has automatically “reserved” many of the top Twitter users as well as celebrities and influencers. While many of these Republicans have not started posting on the service yet, here are the republicans you can invest in right now.

President Trump – Not Claimed


Donald Trump Jr. – Not Claimed

Donald Trump Jr

Tiffany Trump – Claimed

Tiffany Trump

Ben Shapiro – Not Claimed

Ben Shapiro

Steven Crowder – Not Claimed

Steven Crowder

Tucker Carlson – Not Claimed

Tucker Carlson

Mike Pence – Not Claimed

Ben Carson – Not Claimed

Lindsey Graham – Not Claimed

Rand Paul – Not Claimed

Marco Rubio – Not Claimed

Mike Huckabee – Not Claimed

Sarah Palin – Not Claimed

Ted Cruz – Not Claimed

Note: Be careful of fake accounts and fake profiles.

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